Year 9 Maths Max Series Vol 1: Algebra, Surds & Indices Revision Workbook

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This Year 9 Maths revision workbook is an exam preparation workbook compliant with the NESA NSW Mathematics Stage 5.3 Syllabus.

The Maths revision content in the Year 9 Maths Max SeriesTM Volume 1 covers the topics ‘Algebraic Techniques and Surds & Indices’ from the ‘Number & Algebra’ strand of the NSW Mathematics Stage 5.2 and 5.3 Syllabus.

Strand Topics Content
Number and Algebra Algebraic Techniques
  • Add and subtract algebraic fractions.
  • Expand binomial products.
  • Factorise quadratic expressions.
Surds & Indices
  • Define rational and irrational numbers.
  • Simplify expressions involving surds by addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.
  • Rationalise the denominator of surds.

For detailed information including the contents of the topics, please visit the NESA website.

The Year 9 Maths Max SeriesTM Vol 1 is not your ordinary Year 9 Maths Revision Workbook

Are you constantly surprised to find that your school exam questions differ from the Maths textbook questions you spent hours perfecting? Do you find those practice papers your teacher provided for you didn’t quite prepare you for the exam?

Textbooks provide course content in a way that helps students gain a sound knowledge and understanding of the fundamental concepts.

But this is insufficient to achieve exam success at school as students are required to:

  • Demonstrate extensive knowledge and skills
  • Apply Maths concepts to unfamiliar questions/situations
  • Use sophisticated multi-step reasoning
  • Exhibit excellent problem-solving skills

This is the last step before your exam

The Year 9 Maths Max SeriesTM  Volume 1 is designed for exam preparation, as well as providing students with the opportunity to further develop and practice the fundamental concepts. When students use this Maths revision workbook correctly, they will gain a significant advantage in their school exams.

The Year 9 Maths Max SeriesTM works by:

  • Exposing students to exam-style questions to reduce the chance of encountering unfamiliar problems
  • Effectively preparing students for school exams by bridging the knowledge and skills gap between their textbooks and exam questions
  • Improving students’ problem-solving skills by sharing the techniques not published in textbooks.

How to use the Year 9 Maths Max SeriesTM Volume 1

Students should only use this Year 9 Maths revision workbook after gaining a sound knowledge and understanding of the key concepts of the Year 9 Mathematics course content for algebra, surds & indices. This Maths revision workbook will effectively prepare students for school exams when the following steps are closely followed.

Step 1 Review theory content

At the beginning of each topic, there is a concise summary of the key concepts. Be sure to read and understand it before attempting any questions.

max series vol 1 year 9 maths revision workbook algebra surds indices sample page

Step 2 Study the examples and their solutions to gain clarity

The examples expose students to various exam-style questions. The step-by-step worked solutions for each example provides clear multi-step reasoning to enhance your understanding and provide a structure for maximising marks in exams.

Step 3 Attempt practice questions to improve problem-solving skills

Questions are organised in a progressive manner to facilitate independent learning.

If you have difficulty, the ‘NOTES TO STUDENTS’ section provides you with hints to encourage problem-solving without referring to the solution.

The ‘LEVEL’ of difficulty is a useful tool to assess your ability to solve new, unseen and difficult problems.


year 9 maths revision worlkbook algebra surds indices sample page

3 reviews for Year 9 Maths Max Series Vol 1: Algebra, Surds & Indices Revision Workbook

  1. Sophie Griffiths

    This book had everything I needed to prepare for my school exam. The theory and detailed explanations made studying so much easier. And the indicator for level of difficulty was really helpful in assessing where I was at with my understanding of the maths topic.

  2. Florence Cho

    Perfect for exam preparation. It had all the question types that were in my exam so I’d be set for the exam if I finish the book.
    The concise summaries were so well written and easy to understand. Very different to the traditional maths text book. Can’t wait for the next Volume!

  3. Jemma Orphanides

    This book is amazing! I struggled with Surds and Indices at school, but after looking through the examples as well as the Notes to Students helpful hints, the topic became easier. The book is split up with different levels, 1 through to 4 and are very similar to the style of questions in my school exam. I wouldn’t have gotten the mark I did without this book. I highly recommend this book for anyone wanting to improve their Maths at school.

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