Year 10 Maths Max Series Vol 1: Quadratic Expressions & Equations Revision Workbook

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Ace your Year 10 Algebra exams with this 80-page exam workbook! 

Are you concerned about your child’s exam marks? Many students struggle with questions that appear in exams that they haven’t seen before. Does your child struggle to move from textbook questions to exam-style problems? They’re not alone.

Typical school textbooks provide course content in a way that aids students developing a sound knowledge and understanding of the fundamental concepts. Sound understanding isn’t enough.

Why is this not enough to achieve exam success at school? At school, students are required to:

  • Demonstrate extensive knowledge and skills
  • Apply Maths concepts to unfamiliar questions/situations
  • Use sophisticated multi-step reasoning
  • Exhibit excellent problem-solving skills

Here’s how the Max Series gets students exam ready!


Matrix has 20 years of experience helping thousands of students from Year 7 through Year 12 ace their exams and HSC. We’ve used this experience and track record of successful teaching to create the Year 10 Maths Max SeriesTM  Volume 1. Now, you can apply our knowledge to help your child prepare for their next exam.

The Year 10 Maths Max SeriesTM  Volume 1 is not your typical Year 10 Maths Revision Workbook. This workbook is designed for exam preparation, as well as providing students with the opportunity to further develop and practise fundamental concepts.


Students who use this Maths revision workbook correctly will gain significant advantages in their school exams.


Our Year 10 Maths Max SeriesTM  Volume 1 empowers students by:

  • Giving them the confidence to take control of their learning
  • Exposing students to exam-style questions to reduce the chance of encountering unfamiliar problems
  • Effectively preparing students for school exams by bridging the knowledge and skills gap between their textbooks and exam questions
  • Improving their skills by sharing the exam and problem-solving techniques not published in regular textbooks.

How to use the Year 10 Maths Max SeriesTM Volume 1 for Algebra exam success

Exam success comes from doing, not just knowing. This book is designed for students who have a sound understanding of the key Year 10 concepts of:

  • Quadratic Expressions
  • Algebraic techniques

Only having a sound understanding of these concepts isn’t enough. To succeed in exams, students need effective practice.

Students should only use this Year 10 Maths revision workbook after gaining a sound knowledge and understanding of the key concepts of the Year 10 Mathematics course content for quadratic equations and algebra. This Maths revision workbook will effectively prepare students for school exams when the following steps are closely followed:

Step 1: Review theory content


At the beginning of each topic, there is a concise summary of the key concepts. Be sure to read and understand it before attempting any questions.

Step 2: Study the examples and their solutions to gain clarity


The examples expose students to various exam-style questions. The step-by-step worked solutions for each example provides clear multi-step reasoning to enhance your understanding and provide a structure for maximising marks in exams.

Step 3: Attempt practice questions to improve problem-solving skills


Questions are organised in a progressive manner to facilitate independent learning.

If you have difficulty, the ‘NOTES TO STUDENTS’ section provides you with hints to encourage problem-solving without referring to the solution.

The ‘LEVEL’ of difficulty is a useful tool to assess your ability to solve new, unseen and difficult problems.


This Year 10 Maths Revision Workbook for Quadratic Expressions and Equations is compliant with the NESA NSW Mathematics Stage 5.3 Syllabus.

Content in the Year 10 Maths Max SeriesTM Volume 1 covers the topics ‘Quadratic Expressions and Equations’ from the ‘Number & Algebra’ strand of the NSW Mathematics Stage 5.2 and 5.3 Syllabus.

Strand Topics Content
Number and Algebra Quadratic
  • Add and subtract algebraic fractions.
  • Expand binomial products.
  • Factorise quadratic expressions.
  • Special Products
  • Factorising monic and non-monic trinomials
  • Null factor theorem
  • Solving Quadratic equations using factorisation, completing the square, and the Quadratic Formula
  • The Discriminant
  • Solving Quadratic Equations involving fractions and square roots
  • Reducible Quadratic Expressions
  • Simultaneous Quadratic Equations
  • Problem-solving using Quadratic Expressions

For detailed information including the contents of the topics, please visit the NESA website.

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  1. Megan Pyke

    Helpful when helping children prepare for their maths exam. Can’t recommend these books more.

  2. Minty

    Great to complete in the school holidays!

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